“For Ma/Ma, I wanted to place in conversation the protective halos of dust and debris formed around the large and small Magellanic Clouds (cocooning these two dwarf galaxies from the powerful gravitational pull of The Milky Way), with the 14th century Duccio Painting Madonna and Child. For me, this was a way to speculate about a non-speciest, and hopefully non-gendered projection of motherhood, protection, and touch. The exhibition included paintings made with indigo, hematite (iron from the earth), and embedded pieces of meteorite fragments (iron from the sky) and three sculptures of cast glass and alabaster (taking elements of the Duccio painting in which touch is especially emphasized) that were installed in plaster panels directly into the gallery wall.”

Ma/Ma Laura Reynolds Gallery Press Release

Earth Iron, Sky Iron (5), 2021
indigo and hematite on linen, meteorites
14 x 12 inches

Two Heads, 2021
alabaster, glass, chalcedony
24 x 20 inches

Feet, 2021
alabaster, glass, meteorites
12 x 10 inches